Ainu Culture Experience Tour Through a Global Exhibition

A Night at the National Ainu Museum

Imagine a completely different world at night at the National Ainu Museum where we will deliver to you a totally new museum experience that will thrill and excite you while you experience the Ainu language and culture.
The Ainu people are an indigenous people from the northern region of the Japanese archipelago, particularly Hokkaido. The Ainu culture is distinctive. It has a language that is unrelated to Japanese, a spiritual culture that holds that ramat (a spirit) dwell in every part of this world, traditional dances that are performed at rituals and other functions, and crafts such as wood carving and embroidery that incorporate unique patterns.
UPOPOY (The Symbolic Space for Ethnic Harmony), which is home to the National Ainu Museum, is a place of calm where Ainu culture is alive and well, surrounded by a rich natural environment where you can learn about Ainu culture through performances of traditional Ainu dance, and directly experience traditional performing arts, food culture, and traditional crafts using all five senses.


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National Ainu Museum

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