Assan: Enjoy your own Hiyama with all five senses

A high-value-added tour to experience the culture of Hiyama through a bridal procession, winter harvest at the birthplace of May Queen potatoes, and playing in the snow.

Enjoy the nature and food while also experiencing the local traditional culture and history and interacting with the local people

- Experience a bridal procession in the snow set at a Heritage Site, starting with dressing as a bride and groom in costumes using cultural properties
- Commemorative photo on the Kaiyomaru, a large warship dating to the 1800s, and winter fireworks
- Watch a mochitsuki-bayashi performance and experience making rice cakes
- Enjoy winter: Memorial tree planting in the snow, May Queen potato harvest, snowball fight and playing in the snow
- Special local dinner using Hiyama’s produce and specialty products
- An “original croquette making” experience in the town famous for its jumbo croquette event
-- Experience the local area through traditional performing arts and projection mapping-like visuals that evoke Hiyama’s four seasons


Location Name

Michi-no-Eki “Assan," Assabu Town; Inishie Kaido Street and Kaiyomaru, Esashi Town

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