Intimate discovery of Benesse Art Site Naoshima: Enjoy the wide array of entertainment in the Seto Inland Sea for 2 days on Naoshima Island

Intimate experience of the world-renowned Island of Art in the Seto Inland Sea

A local guide will lead participants through the art facilities and provide support as they take the opportunity to explore and connect deeply with the history and philosophy of the activities of Benesse Art Site Naoshima. The tour offers first-class hospitality, including an introductory video created especially for this tour that summarizes the thoughts of the founders and architects, a helicopter and cruiser ride to see the beauty of the Seto Inland Sea archipelago from every angle, a stay in the Oval Suite at Benesse House, a special menu at the hotel's Terrace Restaurant, and a special charter of the Chichu Art Museum before the museum opens. Special menus in partnership with the island's eateries are also available for local dining options and socializing in the area.


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Naoshima, Kagawa Prefecture

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