Classical Music Collection JAPAN (CMCJ)

CMCJ is a project to attract patrons and music and culture enthusiasts from around the world to Japan by presenting a season of concerts by world-class classical musicians in Japan's finest venues and atmospheres.

Tokyo is one of the world's leading classical music cities, with nine professional symphony orchestras, some of the finest facilities in the world, outstanding performers, and mature audiences. Furthermore, Japan is blessed with rich nature and culture, and there are many unique venues such as temples, shrines, and gardens throughout the country, offering great potential for planning and staging wonderful classical concerts unique to Japan.
So, this year we will be inviting two pairs of musicians active overseas to Japan for a public concert at a music hall in Tokyo with a high reputation for its acoustics, as well as a private concert at a temple with a uniquely Japanese atmosphere.
In October 2023, we will welcome Michel Dalberto, a French pianist who is considered a legend in the world of pianists and has appeared on NHK's "Super Piano Lesson," and Ryutaro Suzuki, a Japanese pianist who graduated at the top of his class from the Conservatoire de Paris and is active all over the world. For the second event, in January 2024, we will welcome Rieko Tsuchida, a Japanese pianist who graduated from the Juilliard School and is based in Paris and New York, and Christina Maxwell, an American singer and actress who is active in the Broadway scene as well as in symphony orchestras and concerts around the world.
Before and after the concert, we will host a cocktail party and dinner to enjoy with the musicians in a temple atmosphere where participants can enjoy the space and take in these moments that can only be experienced in Japan.


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Kakuonji Temple (Kamakura), Hamarikyu Asahi Hall (Tokyo), Ginza Oji Hall (Tokyo), Nishi Honganji Temple (Kyoto)

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