World-first! Experience history during a night show at a Zen temple (designated cultural asset) (Discovery Temples in KOMYOIN)

A night-time experience at Komyo-in Temple that transcends time and space.
Spend three special days experiencing with all five senses the wonderful craftsmanship that has been passed down for 500 years.

Welcome to a special event held at Komyo-in Temple, a sub-temple of Daihonzan Tofuku-ji Temple, after the gates are closed for the night. The event begins with seated zazen mediation, led by the abbot, to purify the mind and prepare it for the special night. After the meditation, the temple will come back to life right before your eyes, just as it was 500 years ago. Next, experience the workplaces of Japanese painters, sculptors of Buddhist images, sword sharpeners, candle makers, and tea masters, and come into contact with the many techniques that have been passed down to the present day. Finally, enjoy the beautiful dances of maiko and geiko with cuisine prepared by a vegetarian chef and a sushi chef. This special evening will be treasured for a lifetime and is bound to leave a deep impression.


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Komyo-in Temple, sub-temple of Daihonzan Tofuku-ji Temple

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