World's Best Way to Drink World's Best Whiskey "Distillery of Wind"

Participants will enjoy whiskey tourism centered on local whiskey "Yamazakura," which has won the world's best blended malt award.

Celebrating 100 years since its inception, Japanese whiskey is gaining popularity and attention in Europe and the United States. "Yamazakura" is a blended malt whiskey distilled at the Asaka Distillery in Koriyama City, which produces the oldest local whiskey in Tohoku. Yamazakura won the world's best blended malt award at the 2022 World Whiskey Award (WWA) International Whiskey Competition. Alcohol is said to be cultivated by the climate, and this whiskey is the result of the fusion of three elements: limpid water of Asaka Sosui flowing from Lake Inawanashiro, which served as the foundation of the development of Koriyama and was mentioned in the Japanese Heritage "Ippon no Suiro"; the cold wind from Bandai, or the climate with large contrasts in temperature; and the ambition of Sasanokawa Shuzo that started brewing sake 300 years ago in the Edo period (1603–1867). Yamazakura whiskey is produced in the unique climate of the Asaka Plains. We hope that participants will also enjoy our hand-filled whiskey, which they can blend themselves from several different types of raw whiskey and pour into a bottle. We offer a distillery tourism that incorporates the local history and culture for those seeking authenticity. This is an experience-based tour in which participants will enjoy sampling renowned whiskey cultivated by the climate of Koriyama, along with dishes prepared by local chefs at hot spring ryokan inns and outdoor restaurants.


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Asaka Distillery, facilities in Koriyama City, Bandai Atami Onsen

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