Fire & Smoke Night is hosted by a world-class bartender, a chef, and craftsmen from Makurazaki in Nansatsu to experience umami with all five senses.

Makurazaki City in Nansatsu is
connected through techniques using fire.

Makurazaki City is located in the Nansatsu area in the southern tip of Kyushu.
The area is frequented by volcanic eruptions and has developed
its own food culture based on fire and the skills of the craftsmen who work with it.
There are three traditional Japanese foods made in this area: tea, dried bonito flakes made from smoked-and-dried bonito,
and shochu, a traditional Japanese distilled spirit.
In the Nansatsu plateau, which stretches from Makurazaki City to Minamikyushu City
and boasts the largest area of tea fields in Japan,
participants in this tour will meet artisans that steam the tea with the power of fire and then roast the tea differently according to the season to give it a unique taste.
In Makurazaki, Japan's leading producer of dried bonito flakes,
participants will meet artisans who produce the highest-quality dried bonito flakes, Makurazaki Honkarebushi, which are smoked with fire to produce a nice umami flavor.
At Satsuma Shuzo, which is the only shochu brewery in the world that has its own dedicated cooper,
participants will meet the craftsmen who give the shochu its smoky flavor by recharring the barrels with fire.
And to breathe new life into the craftsmanship of each ingredient,
Asia's 50 Best Bars & Restaurants winner and world-class bartender Shuzo Nagumo and chef Hiroyasu Kawate will host a party for one night only.
Mr. Nagumo is Japan's leading mixologist who creates cocktails that defy conventional ideas, while Mr. Kawate is Japan's leading chef who is currently extremely popular.
This is a journey to rediscover the umami flavors produced by fire,
as participants learn about the unique foods through the craftsmen of this region connected by fire techniques.

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