Multi-Day Tour by Helicopter for Wealthy Foreign Tourists, Featuring Michelin-Starred Restaurants and Luxury Traditional Japanese Inns/Hotels

A new helicopter tour for foreign tourists, in collaboration with the restaurant portal site Gurunavi

The idea behind the tour is that the novelty and special nature of the event will attract this target demographic. TripAdvisor, the leading OTA overseas, offers a variety of tours, but no tours that utilize helicopters to take participants around accommodations and restaurants. Using a helicopter gives this tour a sense of novelty. The tour can also be marketed as a special experience, as it can be tailored to meet the specific preferences and needs of wealthy foreign tourists. For instance, some tourists tend to favor ostentatious, extravagant experiences, the interior of the helicopter could be decorated with gold balloons for such a tour group.
Additionally, ARILA Inc. conducts over 300 helicopter tours a year and would be able to form partnerships with many airports and helicopter operators. This collaboration between ARILA Inc. and Gurunavi—a company with strong ties to the restaurant industry—also allows us to offer dinners for these wealthy foreign tourists at restaurants where they would normally be unable to get a reservation. This event will also appeal to foreign tourists through the inherent attractiveness of the various sightseeing destinations in Kyoto and Kumamoto Prefectures.


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Tokyo Prefecture/Shizuoka Prefecture/Kanagawa Prefecture/Yamanashi Prefecture/Hokkaido Prefecture/Okinawa Prefecture/Wakayama Prefecture/Kyoto Prefecture/Osaka Prefecture/Kagawa Prefecture/Hiroshima Prefecture/Shimane Prefecture/Oita Prefecture/Kumamoto Prefecture/Fukuoka Prefecture

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