Secret Radio Expedition! Followed by the best vegetarian lunch in the world and a "Legends & Luncheon Seminar"

Explore the Iya region, one of Japan's top three most unexplored regions. Learn about traditional culture while having a vegetarian lunch at a historic samurai residence.

The Iya region of Tokushima Prefecture is known as one of Japan's three most unexplored regions. Walk from the Ochiai village lookout to the Higashi-Iya Museum of Local History and Folklore to explore the mountainous areas where legends of fallen Heike Clan warriors still linger. Guides will offer commentary in English about nature and culture along the way and at the Museum too.
The walk will be followed by a special lunch that can only be experienced on this tour. The Luncheon Seminar will be held at the former Kita family residence of Heike Clan samurai, a cultural facility designated by the prefecture that is usually open only for tours, with a vegan vegetarian menu supervised by Chef Kusumoto of Saido Jiyugaoka, which was awarded the world's best vegetarian restaurant by a vegetarian restaurant website.
The tour will also be streamed live by local media under the title "Radio Expedition." Later, an archive of the tour will also be available on "radiko," a radio station with global reach—both across Japan and internationally—letting you enjoy the memories from this trip.


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Higashi-Iya Museum of Local History and Folklore

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