High value-added theatrical tour to make most of the evening: Iwami Tatamigaura, a designated National Natural Monument, and Iwami Kagura, a Japanese Heritage

One-night-only special performance at Hamada, the origin of Iwami Kagura, featuring gods and demons on the stage of the mythical sea.

Hamada, the town from which Iwami Kagura comes from, is located in the Iwami region of western Shimane Prefecture. The dynamic kagura dance performed by maiko in their ornately decorated costumes to the profound yet lively musical accompaniment fascinates all who see the Iwami Kagura performance.
The ornately decorated costumes, masks made from Japanese paper, and snake bodies used in the performance of "Orochi" are integral to Iwami Kagura, and all of them are created in Hamada City. Along with the dynamic dances they are used in, these items have had a great influence on the entire Chugoku region.
In this tour, participants will watch a ceremonial dance performed as part of a prayer to the gods at the designated National Natural Monument Iwami Tatamigaura, where night kagura dances are not usually performed. Iwami Tatamigaura, known as Shimane's Salar de Uyuni, reflects the setting sun over the Sea of Japan, inviting people into a magical world of water and light, where Shinto gods reside.
Participants will enjoy Hamada's gourmet food at Sanku Shrine (Omatsuri Ameno Iwatohiko Shrine), which enshrines Tajikarao-no-Mikoto. This god appears in the legend of Amano-Iwato, where kagura as a form of dance is said to have originated. While enjoying the food, participants will learn the essence of kagura from the dancers and hear their passionate thoughts as insiders of Iwami Kagura. This experience is sure to pique your intellectual curiosity.
The Shimane Aquarium Aquas, one of the leading aquariums in the Chugoku region, will hold a night kagura performance after the aquarium closes. The ornately decorated Iwami Kagura costumes will be displayed inside the aquarium, creating a one-night-only kagura theater.
The above content will be offered in a one-day tour package with an overnight stay option for a full day of kagura.
Iwami Kagura is a traditional performing art that continues to evolve while preserving its traditions, and we hope to see you at this event.



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Shimane Aquarium Aquas

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