Experience the culture of the Ainu people and enjoy Kushiro Wetland, Japan’s largest wetland area, seen from multiple perspectives and time frames.

Kushiro Wetland, the largest marshland in Japan and one of the world's great natural wonders, can be experienced through a tour that allows visitors to enjoy the marshland from multiple perspectives, including from the Ainu culture, which has strong roots in the region.
■ Experience the rare marriage of magnificent panoramic views and traditional culinary culture on an exclusively chartered train running through the Kushiro Wetland ■
・From the windows of a special chartered train that runs through the wetland, visitors experience the vastness of the marshland up close with panoramic views.
・A special lunch will be served on board the train, offering a glimpse of traditional Ainu culture through food.
■ Experience these marshlands and the wonders of nature from Takkobu Auto Camping Ground, located in a national park ■
・Private night canoeing experience on Lake Takkobu: Enjoy the extraordinary experience of being enveloped in the world of a full moon floating above the lake under a star-filled sky.
・An immersive, realistic experience in a marshland using drones: Enjoy pristine, unspoiled nature over the vast plains, including the meandering Kushiro River.
・The tour also offers a comprehensive Ainu cultural experience (cooking class under direct supervision of Ainu people, traditional dance performance, and hands-on experience with authentic Ainu musical instruments).
・Unique grand viewing experiences are ensured from the observatory points.



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Takkobu Auto Camping Ground, Lake Takkobu, Hosooka Observatory, Yumegaoka Observatory

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