Yatsugatake Triennial (Hokuto Art Program)

An art festival brought to you by the various establishments around Yatsugatake.

・This art exhibition is a fusion of sightseeing elements—the likes of which have never been seen before. At this exhibition, art forms that transcend time and genre, including architecture, film, bio-art, and graffiti art, will be displayed in unique venues in the natural environment of Hokuto City.

Visitors can...
・Enjoy site-specific art installations and performances combine elite, cutting-edge contemporary art with Hokuto’s unique, traditional beauty.

・Appreciate things that one does not often get to in everyday life, such as progressive art and technology, and works by world-renowned contemporary artists and architects transformed into tourist attractions.

・Engage with cultural properties in an unconventional way through cross-disciplinary collaborations in venues where music can usually not be enjoyed.

・Rent out the facilities after hours for their very own night of art appreciation, even though access is usually restricted within the Kiyoharu Art Colony and the Nakamura Keith Haring Collection art gallery at night.

・Immerse themselves in a remarkable world of art under the stars.

・Finally, visitors can enjoy a limited-edition local Suntory Hakushu whisky or a Shichiken Junmai sake from the Yamanashi Meijo Brewery in the Kiyoharu Art Colony!



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Kiyoharu Art Colony

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