Experience the deep Iriomote Island. Come and dive into the unknown.

This is a tour of the unknown that can only be experienced on Iriomote Island, upon which inbound visitors have never set foot.

Iriomote Island is the largest island among the Yaeyama Islands, where about 90 percent of the island is subtropical jungle. There are plenty of activities that take advantage of the abundant nature, but this tour steps even further into the charm of Iriomote Island, an unexplored gem where the only way to reach other villages is by boat. Hence, this tour take participants through a mangrove on traditional Okinawan Hari boats to Funauki village, which is like its own little island but on land.
Iriomote Island is the first internationally recognized International Dark Sky Place in Japan, where the Milky Way can be seen all year round and constellations change with the seasons. Participants are offered a luxurious stargazing experience, where they enter a tent sauna to observe the island's soothing yet impressive starry sky while enjoying the warmth of the sauna.
The ultimate diving experience is offered off Barasu Island, an uninhabited island located 5 kilometers off the northern coast of Iriomote Island, between Iriomote Island and Hatoma Island. This includes PADI and divers who offer inbound guiding and a chartered cruiser for small groups of participants.
The upstream of many of the rivers on Iriomote Island are home to undiscovered secluded waterfalls and a great variety of wildlife. The tour offers trekking and canyoning with a professional guide at Geta Waterfall, which is referred to as a mythical waterfall, and Yutsun Falls, which has a 35-meter drop and the most beautiful gradation of water thanks to the ebb and flow of the tides. Participants will feel energized from the greenery of the subtropical jungle and the clear water of Geta Waterfall on this guided tour.
We have a wide range of intimate tour products of Iriomote Island that can only be experienced here and nowhere else in Japan or in the world.



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Iriomote Island: Ida Beach (Funauki Village), Barasu Island, Geta Waterfall, Yutsun Falls

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