Creating interpretive tours to learn from Ise Jingu and to communicate its spiritual essence

Interpretive tours for affluent inbound visitors

These tours are designed to convey tangible and intangible cultural values through interpreters who have learned about essential values of Shinto shrines, which have fostered the transmission of culture and technology and have maintained a harmonious relationship with nature over hundreds of years. Inbound tourists will gain an appreciation for the beauty of "eternal youth" as seen in the ceremonial rebuilding of Ise Jingu and the recycling of timber and other materials after various events, along with the culture and history of this system of recycling. The area is also the location of the Ise-Shima G7 Summit and is abundant in sake-brewing, farm produce, and more for inbound visitors, making it a great spot to experience the unique local food culture. Tour interpreters will also share with participants lots of stories that have been handed down over many years, such as the reason for visiting the outer and inner shrines at Ise in a certain order.


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Ise City, Ise Jingu

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