National Tangible Cultural Property, Ito Residence: Flower and Digital Art Festival 2023-2024

The Ito Residence, a symbol of the Shikemichi townscape, will be specially opened to the public for an exhibition combining digital art, ikebana flower arrangements, and bonsai.

HITOHATA, a Nagoya-based digital creative company, will produce the "Aichi Designated Tangible Cultural Property Ito Residence x Flower and Digital Art Festival 2023-2024" from December 22, 2023 (Fri.) to January 14, 2024 (Sun.) at the Ito Residence (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture), an Aichi Prefecture-designated Tangible Cultural Property.
During this event, the Ito Residence, a symbol of the historic Shikemichi townscape that is normally closed to the public, will be specially opened for an exhibition of digital art combined with ikebana flower arrangement and bonsai.
The Ito Residence consists of the main building, which includes the honke main room and the shin-zashiki and minami-zashiki tatami rooms, as well as the shin-dozo, sei-zo, and saiku-zo storehouses, and more. It is a valuable structure showing the residence of a merchant family that utilized water transportation along the Horikawa River to run the family business. The main house, the honke, completed around 1722, is designated as a Tangible Cultural Property by Aichi Prefecture and a Structure of Landscape Importance by Nagoya City.
Visitors can enjoy a fantastic fusion of gorgeous flowers and bonsai with digital art in a valuable building that retains the atmosphere of Nagoya in the Edo period.


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Ito Residence

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