In Okawa, Fukuoka, Japan’s home of woodworking, visitors will dine at an Important Cultural Property and enjoy an exclusive hands-on Okawa kumiko joinery activity with master artisans

Includes the experience of making an authentic kumiko lampshade with a kumiko joinery artisan and enjoying food from Okawa!

On this guided tour, visitors experience Okawa’s woodworking and culinary culture, which developed thanks to the Ariake Sea and Chikugo River.
While admiring the symbolic Chikugo River Lift Bridge, visitors can experience the natural beauty of the Ariake Sea and Chikugo River while learning the history of woodworking. Afterwards, visitors will explore the Kobo and Enokizu area, the birthplace of Okawa woodworking where the old townscape still remains. Participants will enjoy the profound delight of woodworking and kumiko joinery through making an authentic kumiko lampshade available exclusively for this tour and taught by a kumiko artisan.
At the end of the tour, enjoy a delicious dinner filled with foods from Okawa and the Ariake Sea coastal waters. The dinner will be held at a historic storehouse on the grounds of the former Yoshihara Family Residence, a National Important Cultural Property located in the Kobo and Enokizu area. Enjoy the taste of Okawa, where ingredients from sea, river, and land are all plentiful, in a fantastic space surrounded by folding screens of kumiko joinery and illuminated by lights.


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Kobo and Enokizu border town

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