World Masters Rugby Tournament & World Heritage Tour in Kamaishi, the "City of Rugby"

Enjoy playing sports with athletes from other countries at Kamaishi, the city that hosted the Rugby World Cup!

Kamaishi has long been known for its active rugby community since the establishment of a corporate rugby club in the 1950s, having even hosted the Rugby World Cup in 2019. During this tour, the World Masters Rugby Tournament, a world tournament for senior rugby players, will be held in Kamaishi. We will have a kitchen car serving food between matches featuring dishes made using local ingredients.
After the tournament, participants can go on sightseeing tours to various places in Kamaishi, including the Hashino Iron Mining and Smelting Site, a World Heritage Site that is also a part of Kamaishi's rugby history, providing opportunities to interact with players from other countries and experience things that are not possible in everyday life.
Enjoy a tour with your fellow rugby friends and enjoy not only the sport, but also gourmet cuisine, a World Heritage site, and shopping in this seaside town.


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Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture

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