Sustainable Tour of Kameoka Basin, the town of water and fog

A two-day sustainable guided tour with an interpreter guide in Kameoka City, home to high-quality water sources and satoyama villages surrounded by lush green landscapes.

Kameoka is adjacent to Saga Arashiyama and is rich in natural resources. It has inherited many traditional industries, and is actively involved in SDG initiatives.
In this quaint city of Kameoka, we offer a tour like no other.

On the first day, participants will enjoy the seasonal beauty of the valley from the Sagano Romantic Train. Then they will rent a bicycle to enjoy the satoyama landscape of Kameoka.
Participants will make their own original eco-bags from discarded paraglider fabrics and have lunch using locally grown ingredients at KIRI CAFE, which is a cafe renovated from an old minka (traditional Japanese house).
Next, participants will harvest fresh vegetables grown using a high-quality water source at the Rokuya Wonder Village, an eco-farm redeveloped from abandoned land.
Participants will also try their hand at making dinner chopsticks and plates at an onsite workshop held by a long-established bamboo fence specialty store.
To finish off the evening, participants will enjoy dinner made with freshly harvested vegetables and game meat from the mountains behind the restaurant.

On the second day, participants will climb up to Senjuji Temple, which offers a panoramic view of the Kameoka Basin, where they will have a leisurely breakfast while taking in the spectacular view for a special start to the day.
This will be followed by a visit to Izumo-Daijingu Shrine, Japan's number one matchmaking spot with a history of approximately 1,300 years. Try your luck with an omikuji fortunetelling slip, which reveals your fortune when dipped into water.
To finish the tour off, participants will have a one-of-a-kind indigo dyeing experience using Kyoto indigo, which once ceased production entirely due to various reasons.

This tour will include the full range of Kameoka's attractions, offering a special experience that is available only here.


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Kameoka City, Kyoto Prefecture

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