Three Great Festivals of Japan: Kanda Festival Mikoshi Carrying/Tsuke Festival Tugging Experience and Authentic Japanese Culture Experience

A special festival dating back to the Edo Period in which visitors can experience a part of traditional Japanese culture

The Kanda Festival, which dates back to the Edo Period, is considered one of Japan’s Three Great Festivals. During the Edo Period, it was referred to as the Tenka Festival, and, as the only festival that allowed parades through the castle grounds, served as a lively form of entertainment for the common people.
Previously, the program only allowed for the typical observing of the festival. However, special consideration by the various parties involved has allowed it to be upgraded to an experiential tour—one that will allow participants to experience the passion and spirit of the festival for themselves. The program also allows participants to don traditional Japanese dress and take part in traditional cultural activities, such as tea ceremony, traditional dance, enjoying Japanese cuisine, and worship services, making it a special and inspiring experience that would not have been possible in previous years.

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