Touring the birthplace of Japan's Heritage Site Katsuragi Shugen: large-scale tour itineraries for the city of Wakayama and the Senshu area of Osaka

This project will create a large-scale tour itinerary exploring the heritage of Shugendo in its birthplace, the Japan Heritage site Katsuragi Shugen.

A large-scale tour of Shugendo's birthplace of Katsuragi Shugen, which spans the city of Wakayama and the southern part of the Senshu region. The tour includes an exclusive look at Ajigamine Gyoja-do's hidden Buddha statue, a Shugendo cruise, and an ascetic practice session led by a real Shugendo ascetic with a deep knowledge of Katsuragi Shugen. Participants can enjoy Japanese mountain worship and the cuisine of Senshu and Wakayama through dishes such as Naniwa Black Beef, a luxury beef difficult to find on the market.

(1) Start on the path of ascetic practice from the beautiful waters of the Kii Channel: Tomogashima Islands, Kada, and Misaki Course
 This tour takes participants to Tomogashima and the former Shinpuku-ji Temple, the starting points of Katsuragi Shugen. The main part of the tour will be the Shugendo cruise, during which participants can gaze on Tomogashima's Shugendo site from the sea. In the port town of Kada, the tour will take participants to places associated with Shugendo, such as Ajigamine Gyoja-do, Kada Awashima-jinja Shrine, and the former Shinpuku-ji Temple in Misaki Town. Meals will include fresh seafood, such as sea bream, a Kada specialty. A visit to a hot spring will also be included. On select dates, an ascetic from Shogoin will accompany the Shugendo Cruise, and participation in a Goma Taki ritual (burning wooden plates with prayers written on them) will be added to the itinerary.

(2) Follow the path of spirituality and engage in self reflection along the Kumano Kodo Kishu Road: Yamanakadani Valley and Kisen Alps Course
 This tour starts in Yamanaka-juku, an inn town on the Kishu Highway. Participants will be joined by an ascetic on visits to Sakura Jizo and Mt. Daifuku. Meals will include Naniwa Black Beef, which is rarely available on the market, and the delicious seafood of Senshu's Misaki Town. In addition, participants will enjoy sake from Naniwa Sake Brewery, which was established back in the Edo period.


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Katsuragi Shugen Sutra Mounds 1-4 (Tomogashima, Former Shinpuku-ji Temple, Mt. Daifuku, Sakura Jizo), Ajigamine Gyoja-do

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