Kobe Modern Architecture Festival: Special tour for inbound visitors

The Kobe Modern Architecture Festival is an exhibition that shares modern architecture in Kobe with the public. Special guided tours of notable architectural masterpieces will be given by experts.

The Kobe Modern Architecture Festival shares the treasures of modern architecture that have been carefully preserved and handed down in Kobe with the public.
Architectural structures and spaces that are usually never open to the public can be specially toured on this occasion only.
To appeal to inbound visitors, architectural structures are carefully selected for opening to the public, with small-group tours conducted by interpreters/guides with architectural expertise.
Visitors will gain not only a feel for the architecture of Kobe, but also its culture, history, and food.
We hope visitors both enjoy and share widely the unique architectural culture that tells the memories of Kobe.



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Design and Creative Center Kobe (KIITO)

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