A project for a ceramics experience at "Kobeigama Pottery," which has been awarded two stars by the Michelin Green Guide, and the traditional Japanese culture of "tea ceremony" combined with a new style of Mino ware.

Michelin Green Guide-certified porcelain painting and a tea gathering using Mino ware crafted by a Preserver of Important Intangible Cultural Properties at a special experience held at National Treasure Eiho-ji Temple

・Participants will be able to enjoy a special experience of creating a ceramic pendant in Persian blue, which is popular among overseas visitors, at the Michelin Green Guide 2-star ranked Kobeigama Pottery studio.
・A tea gathering at "Kenshuan," designed by world-renowned international architect Arata Isozaki, winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, which is considered the Nobel Prize of architecture. The tea gathering will make for a premium experience, where participants are able to use tea utensils (valued at about three million yen) crafted by Kozo Kato, a Preserver of Important Intangible Cultural Properties.
・Dinner in a private room with a aesthetically Japanese garden where diners can partake in the delicacy of eel at "Sawasen," a popular and historic restaurant specializing in eel.
・Viewing and copying out sutras by hand or trying zazen meditation inside "Kannondo Hall and "Kaisando Hall," both of which are National Treasures, at Eiho-ji Temple, which also has a beautiful, scenic garden.

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