KUNIKYO Wabisabi Experience

Presenting the Nara Period through a participation-style event focusing on the "Manyoshu" set in the mystical capital of "Kuni-kyo".

Experience an outdoor tea ceremony where teas such as the primitive ‘kocha’ tea and matcha is served. Fully experience Kuni-kyo at the "Turimise" unmanned stalls, which are culturally unique to the region and feature local vegetables for sale.

Join a participatory infiorata (flower carpet) event that is based on the concept of providing a glimpse of the feelings and lifestyle of people in the Nara period.
In this premium experience, visitors will join an on-site excavation under the guidance of specialists who are experienced in guiding inbound visitors. They will experience Japanese culture and history through interacting directly with tiles and earthenware from the Nara period. Activities such as making clay figurines are also available.



Location Name

Kuni-kyo, Kizugawa City, Kyoto Prefecture

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