Kushiro Shitsugen National Park Premium Adventure & Healing Tour

Kushiro Marsh Premium Tour and Trekking with Wild Animals / Canoeing / Sauna - A Special Day to Immerse Yourself in Ainu Culture

This is a premium tour that includes activities to enjoy Kushiro Marsh in its natural state in Kushiro Shitsugen National Park, the largest wetland in Japan and the first Ramsar Convention-listed wetland in Japan. Adventure trekking in Kushiro Marsh to Cape Kirakotan, Kushiro Marsh's unexplored area that is also a special protected area and a natural monument area, which is inaccessible without permission from the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Participants will immerse themselves in the ancient and spectacular scenery of Kushiro Marsh, which has remained unchanged for 6,000 years, accompanied by a Hokkaido governor-certified outdoor guide, and explore the world of wildlife and valuable plants that thrive there. Participants will also get to canoe on the Kushiro River, which meanders through the Kushiro Marsh. Through this low-impact and environmentally conscious tour, participants can enter the natural habitat of wildlife that is home to the red-crowned crane, a Special Natural Monument, and the white-tailed eagle and Stellar's sea eagle, both Natural Monuments, among other wildlife. Those who wish can enjoy a take-out lunch made using carefully selected Hokkaido ingredients and some time to relax at a Finnish sauna at THE GEEK, an accommodation facility with a beautiful view of Kushiro Marsh. As participants admire one of the world's three most spectacular sunsets over the majestic marshland, we hope that they will experience a strong sense of healing and revitalization.



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Kushiro Shitsugen National Park

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