- Made possible thanks to Manazuru - A premium stay in Manazuru where the entire town welcomes one couple a day to showcase the appeal of the "everyday life in a fishing village"

Create your own memories in Manazuru, a town of happy experiences that cannot be imitated in the city.

This stay will provide the rare opportunity to "experience everyday life in a Japanese fishing village" by staying at a minshuku (Japanese-style bed and breakfast) that is as close as you can get to a traditional lifestyle, and by interacting with the people of Manazuru.
Enjoy interacting with the locals, made possible thanks to Manazuru's small rural town setting with a close-knit community feel. Experience authentic Japanese life and culture.
You will surely leave with treasured memories of this special experience. Learn to appreciate the simplicity and warmth of the locals - something that cannot be experienced through conventional sightseeing alone. The entire town will welcome you with the hope that Manazuru will hold an important place in your heart as your "Japanese hometown" by the time you return home.
・Homely hospitality that makes you feel as if you've returned to your hometown.
・Experience the Japanese lifestyle, everyday life, and culture "only now," "only here," and "only for you."
・Natural interactions with locals, no script and no prior arrangements.
・The atmosphere of a town that feels strangely nostalgic despite visiting for the first time.

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