Department stores & local appeal for tourists visiting Japan - Limited sale of local specialties and special experiences for tourists from overseas -

Eleven department stores across Japan will serve as centers that offer and sell local specialties and special experiences to tourists visiting from abroad.

From Hokkaido in the North to Kyushu in the South, eleven department stores across the country will provide guests visiting Japan with a unique and specially prepared local experience.
The events will be held across the country on a rolling basis from December, when department stores in Japan are at their busiest, through February, when the Chinese New Year holiday is celebrated in East Asian countries.
(1) Sales event: Traditional crafts, agricultural and marine products, processed products, famous confections, sake, and other products that are the pride of the region will be on sale, featuring promotions such as originally developed products, limited quantities, limited time only sales, and demonstration of craftsmanship.
(2) Special experience events: In addition to kimono dressing and rickshaw rides, there will also be harvesting experiences, factory tours, and interactions with producers related to the products in (1) above.
During the event period, participating stores will enhance foreign-language signage and deploy interpreter staff to ensure that guests visiting Japan can fully appreciate the area, its products, and department stores.


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Matsuya Asakusa (Main store among the 11 stores)

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