Relive the history of the Meiji aristocracy and tour Nasu’s fall leaves

Follow in the footsteps of the Meiji aristocracy and relax in a hot spring, all while enjoying the beautiful autumn leaves of the Nasu area.

This luxurious tour includes the beautiful nature of Nasu’s autumn leaves, one of Japan's best hot springs, shopping at an outlet mall, Nasu’s unique food, and the culture and history of the Meiji aristocracy.
(1) Culture and history of the Meiji aristocracy
The Nasu area used to be a barren, uninhabitable wilderness until the Meiji elite had the Nasu Canal excavated in order to secure water that was essential for development. As a result of the subsequent establishment of large-scale farms, it has now grown into one of Japan’s leading dairy regions. Follow in the footsteps of Meiji aristocrats with a professional guide and dress up in aristocratic Meiji clothes for photos.
(2) Autumn leaves
With the arrival of fall, Nasu's rich forests turn into a sea of bright reds, oranges, and yellows, and the scenery of these colors surrounding the mountains and lakes is truly spectacular. Canoeing and other experiences are available and offer diverse views of the autumn leaves.
(3) Meals and shopping
Nasu has a treasure trove of fresh vegetables and mountain delicacies, and this program will serve food that can only be tasted in Nasu. Enjoy shopping for famous brands at the Nasu Garden Outlet mall, as well as attendning a brewery tour and tasting “Nasu de Suna”, a craft beer selected as a Nasushiobara brand.

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