A Landmark Event Presenting the Wonderful Coming Together of Art, Music, and Cuisine at Hasedera Temple in Kamakura

Seven tailor-made experiences have been prepared especially for this event:
1. The first-ever dinner event in the history of Hasedera Temple!
A rare opportunity to share in this inaugural event.
2. A private event at Hasedera Temple, a historic and popular tourist attraction!
When the temple-goers finish their daily prayers, Hasedera Temple will open its doors to participants for this private event.
3. Private viewing of floral bonsai designed by renowned garden artist Kazuyuki Ishihara!
Visit an art installation from a garden artist who was featured in the TV documentary series "Jounetsu Tairiku."
4. A special musical experience in front of the magnanimous 1,300-year-old main deity!
Enjoy a different kind of musical performance every day in an otherwise solemn temple dedicated to the Buddhist deity of compassion, Kannon.
5. Special dinner with an assortment of delicious foods from Shonan and Kamakura!
Enjoy a limited-time menu specially crafted by local shops and restaurants for this event.
6. Beat the crowd to enjoy a private autumn stroll, with the season lit up in all its glory at Hasedera Temple!
Take an early autumn walk in privacy through the seasonal illumination event, which officially starts on November 23.
7. Prayer candle devotions for every participant!
Prayer candle inscriptions will be used during the Kannon Mandōe service on New Year’s Eve.



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Hasedera Temple, Kamakura

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