The stage for the Lucky Man Run! Japanese New Year's Eve Sake Tourism Project to Bring Good Luck through the cultural heritage and unique culture of Nishinomiya Shrine

We will carry out an unforgettable Japanese New Year's Eve tourism experience from December 31 to January 10 set in the best sake brewing area in Japan.

Nishinomiya Shrine is located in Nishinomiya in Hyogo Prefecture. It is part of the Nada Gogo area, which is known for its numerous sake breweries that have flourished since the Edo period, and it is still the largest producer of sake in Japan today. The shrine is also the site of the famous Kaimon Shinji Fukuotoko Erabi (a race from one end of the shrine to the other, with the winner being chosen as the "lucky man of the year"), which is a part of the Toka Ebisu Festival, and is a historic shrine where many traditional Japanese Shinto rituals are performed. Therefore, targeting wealthy visitors who come to Japan to spend the end of the year and New Year's holidays, we developed a New Year's Eve tourism program for 11 days from December 31 to January 10, interspersed with special activities at Nishinomiya Shrine. We will provide a place where foreign visitors to Japan can "take their time to experience and taste" the Japanese sake and culture inherited from the Edo period, and enjoy a high value-added Japanese New Year's Eve experience.


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Nishinomiya Shrine

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