Island-Hopping Tour around Japan's "Okinawa Remote Islands" Paradise

Invitation to a fully guided and sustainably conducted tour of the extraordinarily beautiful, world-renowned Keramashoto National Park in Okinawa

Key Attractions of the Tour:
◆Puts importance on sustainability views
The understanding and cooperation of both local residents and visitors to the area is essential to protect its beautiful nature. This tour chooses environmentally friendly activities, and meals are centered on the idea of local production for local consumption.

◆Shows hospitality through a fully guided, community-based & collaborative tour
Tour guides who love the area will assist participants throughout the entire duration of the tour. The guides' roles are also to connect the local residents with the visitors, promoting collaboration and communication.

◆Tours the unexplored, normally inaccessible "Maejima Island," and allows participants to explore and experience the old and new cuisines to fully appreciate the culture of Okinawa's remote, idyllic islands
Maejima Island became uninhabited about 60 years ago when the last family moved to the main island of Okinawa. The atmosphere is mystical, as the remnants of a previous lifestyle slowly merge with nature. Participants will also get to meet Mr. Nakamura, who was born on the island and continues today to protect it, hoping for its restoration. This experience is one of the the major highlights of the tour.


Location Name

Tokashiki Island, Zamami Island, and Aka Island in Okinawa Prefecture

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