Film site tourism promotion program to add value to filming sites of the Godzilla movies

Collaboration between Godzilla and Ibaraki Prefecture, the treasure trove of film sites! Sustainable film tourism through expanding tourism resources

By efficiently utilizing the popular Japanese character Godzilla, which has high name recognition overseas (52.6% in US, 51.0% in China, 45.5% in the UK), this program aims to generate tourism demand and further spread awareness of this entire area overseas by launching this program at the same time as the release of the newest film this week. Making a pilgrimage of sites connected to pop culture, from Japanese films and games, is extremely popular with international visitors and is expected to see more tourism demand in the future. In recent years, there has also been a rising demand for filming by cosplayers and YouTubers. As such, the following programs will be held.
◆Program 1◆ Major collab event for the new film “Godzilla -1.0”: “Reborn” into the world of the film?!
Collab events that recreate the world of Godzilla at each filming site, including Miho, Chikusei, and Kasama. The actual film production team participates in special venue settings and events to make it feel realistic! This program also strives to invigorate the region by collaborating with the Chamber of Commerce and the Tourism Association, linking with restaurants and producing souvenirs with original designs.
◆Program 2◆ Individual filming experience: full package
For overseas visitors who cannot bring along large machinery, there are options to access everything from film equipment, costumes, lighting, and changing rooms to boxed lunches, accommodations, interpreters, photographers, editors, and extras. This program offers a full location-shoot filming experience even if you are empty-handed!


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Oyama Kohan Park (Former Kashima Naval Air Base)

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