Environmentally Friendly Premium Cycling Tour in HOKKAIDO

High value-added, eco-friendly premium cycling tour from Sapporo to Kita Shiribeshi area via Niseko

Cycling tour plan that includes high value-added premium experiences (food and local sightseeing) from Sapporo via the Niseko area and through the Kita Shiribeshi (Akaigawa, Niki, Yoichi, Otaru) area
A portion of the cycling route will use the Tour de Hokkaido, a course coveted by cyclists, and will be supported by a dedicated vehicle and a cycling guide
This next-generation cycling tour program aims to protect environmental resources while nurturing tourism resources, by using accommodations and restaurants that aim for decarbonization and environmental friendliness as much as possible.
It will also allow those who wish to do so to offset the CO2 emitted during their journey (by donating forest credits, etc.) and return the money to the local communities on the cycling route.
Participants will enjoy each of the following themes:
・Cycling courses that make the most of Hokkaido's natural scenery and topography
・Gastronomy using processed agricultural products, dairy products, marine products, and alcohol (sake) from Hokkaido
・Wellness tourism content (cycling tourism, hot springs (Jozankei, Niseko, Yoichi))
・The tour will start in Jozankei, the backcountry of Sapporo, and travel through Niseko, which is well known among wealthy overseas tourists, to Yoichi, which has attracted attention in recent years for its wineries
[Environmental Consideration]
Prioritize environmentally friendly services in the selection of tour content, and give back to the local communities (offsetting consumption during the tour)




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Sapporo, Niseko, Akaigawa, Niki, Yoichi, Otaru

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