Rally Japan 2023 Hospitality Program

A unique space, amazing food and drink, and great hospitality guarantee unprecedented and thrilling experiences for spectators.

This event will offer fans of each team and the World Rally Championship in general a truly rare and special experience, as well as a new and exciting way to enjoy the event with new services and a different ambience.
This year, for the first time ever, the Super Room in Toyota Stadium will be available as a hospitality space for guests to use.
Planned tours include the Team Booth Tour, where visitors can get close-up views of cars, drivers, mechanics, and more as they return to the stadium,
and the Course Walk, where visitors can actually walk around the course.
A SS (special stage) spectating plan in the mountainous zone will also be available.
Another plan allows visitors to enjoy the rally more casually by watching the race from the top-ranked seats in Toyota Stadium and actually staying in the outdoor hospitality area.

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