Bask in the Glory of Nature in Wakasa, Fukui, With REAL WAKASA: A Limited-Time-Only Private Cultural Experience Plan for One Group Per Day

Wakasa, a town nestled between the breathtaking ocean and the mountains of Fukui Prefecture, is the perfect place to indulge in the natural wealth of the forest and sea.

The Wakasa Fukui region offers four special experiences for you to try!

1. Get a taste of Japanese cuisine in your own privately rented temple! Savor dishes made with local ingredients from the sea using traditionally crafted Wakasa lacquer chopsticks. Add some light-hearted banter to your meal with the addition of a geisha dinner party experience.

2. Take in an unbroken 360-degree panoramic view of the Sea of Japan and the Five Lakes of Mikata! Admire the beauty of the setting sun before coming back to a privately rented guest house in a quaint fishing village. There, a home-cooked meal made with local ingredients and graciously crafted by your host awaits you.

3. Lake Suigetsu is home to 70,000-year-old varves, or sedimentary layers, which serve as a standard form of measurement for the age of fossils and archeological artifacts. Come see these ancient varves in the museum and go on an environmentally sustainable battery-propelled, guided boat ride to learn more about the process of collecting these unique varves. A tour of a local beer factory and meals can also be prepared.

4. Cook your very own seasonal dishes, using ingredients harvested from the forest and the sea, on a kamado, a type of traditional Japanese wood stove! You can enjoy your lunch in a Japanese-style room in a traditional Japanese house.
In this program, you can use a real kamado, sample real local ingredients in all their simplicity in style, record a video of staff for later use, and receive a guide on how to create your own delicious food at home.


Location Name

1. Jokoji Temple 2. Rainbow Line Mountain Peak Park 3. Varve Museum, Mihama Lake Center, PAMCO on the Lake 4.Yao-Kumagawa (old folk house-style inn)

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