"Reborn-Art Tour" to experience contemporary art on the Oshika Peninsula

A contemporary art tour that can only be experienced here, where visitors become part of the works

Experience the charm of contemporary art works unique to this tour, located in the midst of the nature of the Oshika Peninsula, which has recovered from the unprecedented earthquake. Experiences include being part of JR's global art project “Inside Out” and admiring Kohei Nawa's sculpture “White Deer (Oshika)” while being guided by the music of Takeshi Kobayashi's installation work. A special lunch featuring the rich produce of Sanriku and prepared by a highly skilled chef is included. A taxi with a professional guide will lead the laidback tour.



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Minamihama/Kadonowaki, Momoura, Oginohama (Oshika Village, White Shell Beach)

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