Special Programs for Inbound Tourists to Experience Sumo Wrestling, Japan’s National Sport

Special programs developed throughout the year for inbound tourists to experience sumo wrestling, the national sport of Japan

Special experience programs for overseas guests to enjoy sumo, Japan’s national sport, are offered all throughout the year.
The Grand Sumo Tournaments are held every January, March, May, July, September, and November. Our guides arrange tours and help visitors better understand and enjoy sumo wrestling during these tournaments, but we have also prepared a range of programs for visitors to enjoy sumo wrestling even during the off months. For example, some of the contents include visits to early-morning practices at the sumo stables, which are usually only open to sumo wrestlers, and private tours of “sumo schools.” Guided tours in January 2024 will be conducted by English-speaking NHK global announcers, making this a truly valuable guest experience.
1. Guided Tours of the Grand Sumo Tournament (for 20 days in November 2023 and January 2024)
2. Premium Guided Tours of the Grand Sumo Tournament with English-speaking NHK Global Announcers (for two days in January 2024)
3. Exclusive Early-Morning Practice Tour of the Sumo Stables (for 10 days in October 2023, December 2023, and February 2024)
4. “Sumo School” Tour (for 15 days in October 2023, December 2023, and February 2024)
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