Experience the worldview of Ito Sekisui V, the Sado Mumyoi Yaki potter and National Human Treasure, and experience Sado's traditional culture

This is a new experience-type program that incorporates the traditional culture of Sado Island (art, history, food, entertainment) into modern concepts.

(1) Hear directly about the appeal and techniques applied in the world of “Mumyoi Yaki” pottery from Ito Sekisui V, the Sado Mumyoi Yaki potter and Important Intangible Cultural Property Holder (Human National Treasure). In this program, you not only can appreciate the beauty of the pieces and their artistic characteristics, but you can also enjoy Sado cuisine in them.
(2) On Sado Island, local dishes have been passed down for use in religious ceremonies and festival events. Among them, you can prepare familiar makizuki (sushi rolls) by yourself. The beautiful patterns revealed when the makizushi rolls are cut open are highly enjoyable; find yourself charmed by the artistic design sense of local Sado cuisine.
(3) For the first time, the thatch roof buildings of the Hojo Residence and Daigan-ji Temple will be used in this program. In the space of these historic buildings, visitors can experience Japanese aesthetics on paper through impressive calligraphy, receiving instruction by a female calligrapher descended from the Hojo Clan. Guests will also be taught the heart of Buddhism through sutra and service by the 46th head monk of Daigan-ji Temple, which has 650 years of history.
(4) Since the Edo Period (1603–1867), Sado has been one of the great treasure troves for wild and medicinal herbs in Japan. Guided by the top wild herb researcher in Sado, guests will pick many types herbs that grow naturally in the satoyama and learning about functional plantlife. This program offers a unique look at Sado and the opportunity to make cuisine and crafts.
(5) Experience a trip to play taiko drums led by the internationally famous Japanese taiko drum performance group “Kodo.” Through a taiko drum experience on the grounds of Daigan-ji Temple, surrounded by green, learn about the culture of Sado’s Ondeko and let the beat of the taiko drum that echoes to the main temple building summon the soul.

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