Experience the Essence of Japanese Sword Culture at Oyamazumi Shrine, which Holds 80 Percent of Japan's National Treasures and Important Weaponry

A special visit to Oyamazumi Shrine with a 2.5-D performance of “The Genpei Seven Nights of Swords.”

See the treasures of Oyamazumi Shrine, followed by a performance
Located almost in the middle of the Setonaikai National Park, Omishima Island is also known as the "Island of National Treasures." This is because it is home to as much as 80 percent of the armor designated National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties, as well as the oldest piece of armor in Japan (a National Treasure), as presented by the emperors and great generals of the past. Guests will get down to the heart of Japanese sword culture, both traditional and modern, on a private ride on the SEA SPICA, a luxury sightseeing cruiser that has been used for the G7 Summit. On this guided tour, you will hear tales from a chief Shinto priest and a Japanese sword scholar, Paul Martin, regarding the treasures that have been gifted to Oyamazumi Shrine, which will be followed by a 2.5-D performance of “The Genpei Seven Nights of Swords.”

2.5-D Performance of “The Genpei Seven Nights of Swords”
A blind, traveling minstrel visits Oyamazumi Shrine in the middle of the Seto Inland Sea under cover of darkness. As he plays his tune, the notes stir ancient warrior spirits from beyond the grave, driven by an unyielding quest for a legendary sword of Oyamazumi Shrine. This extraordinary performance features swords and other weapons used during the Genpei period during the late 1100s that have since been dedicated to Oyamazumi Shrine. This tale of seafaring military commanders is brought to you by popular 2.5-D musical actors and will premiere on a purpose-built stage on the grounds of Oyamazumi Shrine.

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