Special tour of the repair of National Treasure Buddhist statues, and explanatory session on protection of cultural properties

A special viewing of priceless national treasures and an expert lecture on the protection of cultural properties will be held at Shin-Yakushi-ji Temple, an ancient temple in the city of Nara.

Shin-Yakushi-ji Temple, founded 1,300 years ago, is one of the leading temples of Nara. It holds three national treasures in its collection and has close ties to Todai-ji Temple, famous for its Great Buddha of Nara.
Making the most of the opportunity of the two-year restoration of the Seated Wooden Statue of Yakushi Nyorai at Shin-Yakushi-ji Temple, a special visit will be made available to observe the restoration of this statue and other Buddha statues, which are Important Cultural Properties usually not open to the public. A lecture will be given on the protection and restoration of cultural properties, in which participants will learn the significance of passing down cultural properties in Japan to future generations as well as current efforts to do so.



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Shin-Yakushi-ji Temple

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