Special opening of Important Cultural Asset “Shirayama Engi” and light art display of shrine grounds at Shirayamahime-jinja Shrine, the head shrine of the Shirayama Shrines ~Special night tour of Hakusan Faith~

On this special night tour, visit Shirayamahime-jinja Shrine at dusk, experience the culture and history of Hakusan Faith, and taste food nurtured by nature

A personal shuttle vehicle is prepared from Kanazawa station, the gateway to Ishikawa.
Visit Shirayamahime-jinja Shrine, the head shrine of the Shirayama Shrines and one of the most renowned power spots in Hokuriku.
As special entertainment, view a performance of a Shinto dance and take a special tour of the Important Cultural Asset “Shirayama Engi.”
Please experience the traditional culture of Hakusan Faith with a multilingual guide.
At night, the grounds are lit up in an artistic light display, transforming the area to create an ethereal atmosphere that cannot be experienced during the day.
For dinner, a special meal of local ingredients will be prepared, utilizing the rich nature of Shirayama.
Please experience the charm and power of the history, culture, and cuisine of Hakusan Faith.




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Shirayamahime-jinja Shrine

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