Zazen and private garden visit led by a Zen monk at Taizo-in Temple in Kyoto: Includes Japanese confectionery making activity

Offering a special private visit to Taizo-in Temple in Kyoto, special Japanese confectionery making activities, and a private zazen meditation session

At Taizo-in Temple in Kyoto, we will offer a private temple visit after the temple gates close (after 5:00 p.m.) for wealthy overseas visitors, as well as on-site Japanese confectionery making and a private zazen meditation session. Participants in this program will be able to attend a private lecture on zazen given by Mr. Daiko Matsuyama, a world-renowned monk who is a visiting lecturer at Stanford University in the U.S. and a Davos World Economic Forum attendee. After the lecture, Mr. Nishizawa of Tokiya, who trained at a long-established Japanese confectionery in Kyoto, will travel to Taizo-in Temple to give a lecture to overseas visitors on making Japanese confectionery. After making a seasonal jo-namagashi (a high-quality and more sophisticated confection with a high moisture content), participants will enjoy Japanese confectionery with matcha green tea. (Tokiya's special dried confections are included as a souvenir). Afterwards, Mr. Matsuyama will guide participants to the dry landscape garden, Motonobu no Niwa, and the hidden teahouse, Kakoinoseki, located within the head monk's residence at Taizo-in Temple, a place that is not usually open to the public. In November, when the leaves turn red, visitors can spend a magical evening while appreciating the changing fall colors of Kyoto.


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Taizo-in Temple, Kyoto

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