Special events at Hida Folk Village, a National Important Cultural Property, and "The Other Side of Hida Takayama" high value-added content development and demonstration project

(1) Hida Folk Village private sake pairing event featuring renowned sake and local cuisine
(2) "The Other Side of Takayama" guided town walk along the old highway

(1) Special activity-based content making use of traditional Japanese Gassho-style architecture, a style known for its thatched and steeply slanted roofs, at museum-like facilities
 Special private event at Hida Folk Village Hida No Sato: Dinner packed with Hida Takayama's charms and paired with renowned sake
 The event will also feature illumination and traditional performing arts.
(2) The Other Side Of TAKAYAMA: New tour utilizing the old highways and more.
  New walking routes have been developed on old highways, going through temple towns and more. The project will shed light on and develop regions and spots that have not been previously marketed toward inbound visitors.
  With the help of local historians/curators, we will also work to create stories and courses based on historical facts.
  The project will share another side of Takayama's appeal to repeat visitors to Japan and those who come to stay overnight.

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