Shinhotaka Crystal Snow Park in Takayama ~Experience the great nature of Chubusangaku National Park, traditional arts and crafts, and high mountain cuisine born from the water and trees nurtured in the Northern Japanese Alps~

Enjoy the spectacular winter landscape of Chubusangaku National Park and the traditional high alpine culture fostered by the natural resources of the Northern Japanese Alps

Shinhotaka Ropeway is hosting an event that allows visitors to experience all the tourist attractions at once! Attractions include Chubusangaku National Park's vast wilderness as well as the cuisine and traditional arts and crafts nurtured in the Northern Japanese Alps region.

At Nabedaira Kogen, the transfer point for the two legs of the ropeway, multiple booths set up in the image of the “kamakura” igloos made of snow will give visitors the chance to enjoy for the first time the traditional high alpine culture (food, spirits, and art) fostered in the Northern Japanese Alps.

Visitors can also take the second ropeway, the only double-decker gondola in Japan, to Nishihotakaguchi Station, which is 2,156 meters above sea level. A limited-time-only special event will be held there at which visitors can view the starry skies from a platform with a panoramic view of the Northern Japanese Alps. This platform has been awarded two Michelin Green Guide Japan stars for the spectacular view it provides.

Additionally, two tours providing special, highly valuable experiences are also available. One tour offers private breakfast or dinner while viewing the dawn or evening skies from a platform 2,156 meters high, reserved outside of operating hours. The second is a story tour that teaches the connections between the nature of the Northern Alps and high alpine cuisine and traditional arts and crafts.


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Shinhotaka Ropeway

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