Cultural Experience in Privately Booked World Heritage Site x A Meal from Japan’s Top Chef: “THE LEGENDARY JAPAN” program for wealthy overseas visitors offers a private, premium experience of Japanese history and culture

Enjoy the ultimate cultural experience and best of the best cuisine in private bookings of renowned temples and shrines that are home to World Heritage Sites and National Treasures

Guests receive special cultural experiences at Kyoto’s World Heritage Ninnaji Temple, such as a ritual prayers in the Daikokudo Hall and a special Buddhist memorial service at the Kondo Hall, which is designated National Treasure. You can also view an illumination of historic buildings and observe the wall paintings of the Five Wisdom Kings, which has been opened for the first time in approximately 400 years. After this cultural experience, you can enjoy top-tier traditional Japanese kaiseki meal by Chef Masayoshi Nishikawa, a top Japanese chef at Kyoto’s famous “Gion Nishikawa,” where it is nearly impossible to get a reservation. This exquisite meal prepared from only the best of the best Japanese ingredients is served in the Jikido Hall, which the general public cannot enter.


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World Heritage Shingon Sect Omuro School Head Temple Ninnaji Temple

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