Scuba Diving x Island Hopping  Okinawa Main Island and Kerama Islands Course

Scuba dive more comfortably and more extensively on one of the largest catamaran yachts in the country!

This plan includes scuba diving in the waters around the Kerama Islands on one of the largest catamaran yachts in Japan (Lagoon 500) for a small group of up to eight people. Enjoy Okinawa's waters to the fullest over a three-night stay!
■Characteristics of the Kerama Islands
 (1) A region consisting of more than 30 islands of various sizes, which was recognized as the 31st National Park in 2014.
 (2) The island is surrounded by crystal clear waters called "Kerama Blue" thanks to the Kuroshio Current flowing in the surrounding area and the lack of rivers.
 (3) It is also a spawning ground for sea turtles and a breeding area for humpback whales.
 (4) About 200 species of coral flourish here, and many colorful fish species live in the coral habitats.
■Top Features
 (1) Participants are guided by local diving guides who are familiar with the waters around the Kerama Islands;
 (2) Inbetween scuba dives, participants can enjoy fishing, SUP, kayaking and other marine activities around the anchored boat;
 (3) Participants can travel and dive in comfort, as the capacity is set at a small number of about eight people, and a catamaran yacht is used to minimize turbulence;
 (4) And pariticpants can enjoy an out-of-the-ordinary experience with onboard BBQ for lunch.


Location Name

Tokashiki Village, Zamami Village, Tonaki Village (remote islands around Okinawa Island, etc.)

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