Encounter a heart that has been inherited from the traditional culture that lives in Kyoto (1/KYOTO)

In a world of eight billion people, have a special personal encounter in Kyoto.

Encounters can change your destiny.
Whether it is a close friend, a strict coach, or someone you fall in love with,
an encounter with just one person can change your life.
There are billions of people in the world, and we cross paths with countless people when traveling,
but our aim is to forge a deeper, lifelong connection.
Kyoto is filled with unique and interesting people,
such as, a craftsman who continues to reinvent tradition as he weaves,
or a monk who has inherited the deep wisdom of a thousand year-old temple.
Have a genuine encounter with a Kyoto resident who could never be met through sightseeing alone.
Listen to them, talk to them, touch their heart, and connect with them. This is the journey that we offer.
If possible, we would love to hear your story too.
We want a heart-to-heart dialogue rather than a one-sided transmission of information and knowledge.
Only then can we say that two people truly had an encounter.
Through our program, people who have lived completely different lives in distant locations can communicate from the heart.
Make lifelong memories through rich experiences that can only be found in Kyoto.
We aim to transform travel from touring different places to encountering new people.



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TOKINOHA Ceramic Studio

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