Rent out a sacred place! A premium tourism program centered on film to experience the past and present of Chigasaki, which was once home to Tokyo Story director Yasujiro Ozu, which ranked first in the world in "Directors' 100 Greatest Films of All Time."

The 120th anniversary of the birth of Yasujiro Ozu, one of the world's greatest film directors. A premium movie experience in Ozu's beloved Chigasaki.

●Your own private museum! Special private party at the museum. 
A premium collaborative event with the museum's Ozu exhibition.
(1) Kimono dressing and photoshoot with a professional photographer at Shoraian
(2) Ozu-style photoshoot done by a professional photographer at the replica of the set of An Autumn Afternoon
(3) Exhibition tour guided by a dedicated English interpreter and personnel with connections to Yasujiro Ozu
(4) A premium dining event in the museum limited to this event
Enjoy a premium dining experience that is unique to this moment and this location, while listening to elegant live music in the premium space of a privately chartered museum and enjoying a special menu featuring Chigasaki's local ingredients and famous sake.
●Experience Ozu's Perspectives at the Chigasaki-kan! Ozu-style photography workshop. 
Ozu's films feature distinctive compositions and use of colors.
A special workshop will be held at the Chigasaki-kan, a famous movie location, led by a professional photographer who is well versed in Ozu-style composition.
(1) Special workshop by a professional photographer
(2) Post on social media with the hashtag #StepIntoOzuWorld. There will be a photo competition that decides the winner based on the number of likes.
(3) Enjoy afternoon tea while watching a film on the theme of tea, which plays an important role in Ozu's films.
●Overnight Stay Option
We will specially reserve the entire Chigasaki-kan, where many film directors, including Ozu, stayed regularly.
Enjoy an atmosphere that feels like wandering into the world of Ozu's works, and indulge in Ozu's beloved Curry Sukiyaki or Chigasaki Tomato Sukiyaki.

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