Weekend Ota Life Tour (Japanese weekend tour in Ota City)

Experience Ota City's unique day-to-day life and a Japanese weekend through this tour
Offering (1) Ota City Sento Experience Tour and (2) Haneda Sea Kayak Tour

(1) Ota City Sento Experience Tour
After learning about sento (public bathhouse) culture and etiquette through VR, visitors will get to take a dip at a sento. There are two plans available: The Executive Plan, which offers a new kind of sento experience by combining a private bathhouse with projection mapping, and the Light Plan, which is just a tour of the bathhouse.
The projection mapping was produced in collaboration with the Tokyo University of Technology to provide a special experience for visitors to enjoy digital art that recreates the history and landscape of Ota City and Japanese aesthetics.

(2) Haneda Sea Kayak Tour
A sea kayak tour that can only be experienced in Ota City, Tokyo, where participants can enjoy nature right in the metropolis of Tokyo while watching planes arriving at and departing from Haneda Airport from up close.



Location Name

Haneda Innovation City, Kaiseiyu, Omori Furusato Hamabe Park

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