Yamanashi Wine & Food Festival

Chefs from renowned restaurants will prepare meals at temples, historical sites, and the vineyards of famous wineries for one day only

Enjoy a festival of captivating wine and food in Yamanashi, a city filled with the flavors and harmony of autumn.
Special lunches and dinners will be served for one day only in the larger area that includes Erinji Temple, the family temple of warrior Takeda Shingen; Daizenji Temple, which has a long tradition of growing grapes; historical architecture built by a Japanese railroad magnate; and the vineyards of famous wineries. These areas usually do not allow eating or drinking, and some cannot even be entered without special permission.
Cooking contest winners and chefs from reputable restaurants in Tokyo and Yamanashi will select regional wines that match their cuisine, and the carefully selected local ingredients and wine will harmonize to deliver a delicious, heartwarming experience.



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Erinji Temple, Daizenji Temple, Nezu Memorial Museum, Katsunuma Winery, Lumiere Winery

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