Miracle Forest "Yanbaru-OKINAWA" eBike Adventure: Exploring Nature and Soul

Exploring nature and awakening the soul. This is an adventure trip around the World Natural Heritage Site, the Miracle Forest of Yambaru in Okinawa, by eBike

The Yambaru area in northern Okinawa was listed as a World Natural Heritage Site in 2021 thanks to its beauty and ecological diversity. Our tour to this special region is full of surprises and awe-inspiring experiences as we cycle around on eBikes (electric bicycles).
Tour Highlights
1. Nature exploration: Explore the beautiful natural environment of Yambaru by eBike and encounter plants and animaals that can only be found here. Accompanied by a guide, participants will get to know and learn about the rich ecology of the area.
2. Experience the local way of life: Experience life in harmony with nature with the local people of Yambaru. Learn the secrets of sustainable living and get a taste of local life.
3. Night cycling: The tour will offer a night cycling tour, which is usually not readily available. This is a rare opportunity to explore the forest under the star-filled sky and enjoy nature from a new perspective.
4. Premium lunch catering: Enjoy a special lunch in a natural setting, made using local ingredients. A gastronomic experience is now available while savoring the bounty of Yambaru.
5. Spiritual awakening: This tour is not just an adventure, it is a soul-searching experience. The beauty of nature, tranquility, and time under the stars provide an opportunity to find inner peace and harmony.
This tour is a departure from conventional sightseeing, and offers a pampering adventure that allows participants to experience the profound connection between nature and the soul of Yambaru. Four days in the miracle forest of Yambaru will be filled with new discoveries, awe-inspiring experiences, and inner transformation.



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Yambaru National Park

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